My name is Doug and I’m a widower from New England. I’m a travel agent with a lovely teenage daughter who is wise beyond her years (sometimes a good and bad thing depending on the issue!)

My daughter has been looking up luxury limousine services lately. I think she has been doing that to get ready for her upcoming high school prom and formal. She has always been a forward-thinking go-getter, rather ambitious actually for a young lady. It has certainly helped her with grades and playing basketball, but I honestly wonder if she is afraid it is backfiring?

She has noticed that a lot of boys admire her looks, intelligence, and personal drive, but so few of them actually walk up and talk to her at school. Part of it might be that she is always so busy that she might seem unapproachable.

I have been hearing from other parents that she is likely to get asked out by as many as ten different guys, but I suspect she knows this. She might be looking to nip things in the bud, like she usually does, by actually asking out one guy herself and being done with it. So, looking up things like restaurants and luxury limousine services online are not all that surprising to me if she is planning on taking care of all of this herself.


A City Limousine Tour

Have you ever considered taking a tour around a strange city in a luxury limousine? If you have the opportunity to do so then you should take advantage of this wonderful form of transportation. First of all, you will be driven around by a knowledgeable chauffeur driver who can explain all of the various sights that a city can offer. You will be able to relax in a comfortable seat while enjoying the view.

Let’s say for example that you have never been to New York City but you want to get an overview of all of the various historical sites and famous attractions. You could choose to go on one of the more typical tourist buses but you would be part of a group of perhaps 50 people or more which in itself may not make the excursion too enjoyable. Now compare this type of situation with being together with the person you love in the back of a luxurious limousine that has a fully stacked bar.

The truth of the matter is that renting a limousine to do this type of city tour is not that expensive. You will be amazed at how affordable it is and besides it will be one of the more memorable excursions of your lifetime.