I am the owner of a very small catering company and it is very hard to get clients. I have been fortunate enough to have a little success, but I am not as popular as I would like to be. There is a woman in my area who has very large galas a few times each quarter and I want to dazzle her with what I have to offer. I have invited her to dinner and I think that I want to show up in a luxury limousine. This may seem a bit over the top, but it will show her that I have the class and sophistication.

The problem is finding a service that is luxurious, reliable and in my price range. I know that I cannot expect to find the best limo without being willing to pay for it, but I also don’t want to pay so much that I feel like I am being taken advantage of. I am going to ask around to see if anyone I know can suggest a company to me. If they can’t, I guess I will have to hop on the Internet and do some browsing.