We are going to be getting married soon and I would like to learn more about my options in luxury limousine services. Is this something that not many people are spending the money on anymore? I know that we want to have safe, dependable transportation for the bridal party, and a limousine service will certainly fit the bill. However, I want to be able to see about the kinds of vehicles that are available, what the costs may be and whether or not it would be best if I got some sort of a transportation package.

There are going to be 12 of us total that would need to ride in the limousine, so I am wondering if we would have a stretch limousine or if a party bus would be better for accommodating everyone. Is there a way to see some of the vehicles prior to renting them so that we can make a better decision?

Also, I am wondering how the tipping goes on something like a limousine rental service. Is the gratuity included or should you be adding above and beyond whatever is paid for the rental itself? The more information that I could find on luxury limousine services in my area, the better starting point I will be able to formulate.